Modern Chiropractic Company is committed to ensuring that you have the best chiropractic experience possible. In a world where technology is at the center of everything we do, why shouldn’t it be at the center of your chiropractic care? Utilizing state of the art technology helps us diagnose more accurately as well as track and evaluate your progress throughout care with objective measurements.

NeuroTHERMAL Scanner

The neuroTHERMAL scanner measures spinal nerve control of organs and glands. This instrument uses infrared technology to create a thermographic image, which identifies areas of poor autonomic nerve regulation. In less than 24 seconds, we can scan the entire spine for areas of poor autonomic control. The neuroTHERMAL scanner is FDA registered and has research validated results with exceptional test-retest reliability. Due to its adjustable sensors, we’re able to use this technology to take readings from spines of all sizes, including infants and children. Not only do you get a scan on the first day in our office to see how your nervous system is functioning, but we also use this technology to track your improvement and progress overtime.

Digital X-Rays On Site

When it comes to your health, we don’t like to guess. When necessary, taking x-rays allows us to see exactly what we’re dealing with and ensures the safest and most effective care possible. X-rays can help us understand the cause of your complaint. They can help us determine if there are underlying pathologies, spinal misalignments, arthritic changes, postural deficiencies, spinal disc degeneration and/or developing bone spurs. We utilize hi-frequency, digital equipment, so our x-rays are safe and produce high quality images.

CBCT (Cone-beam Computed Tomography)

Utilizing CBCT is one the most effective and objective ways to analyze vertebral subluxation of the upper cervical spine. Cone-beam computed tomography produces a 3-D view of the cranio-cervical junction. The CBCT machine is able to capture many different angles in one scan. Traditionally, CBCT imaging has been used in the dental industry. More recently, after recognizing the potential of CBCT to capture misalignments in the upper cervical spine, upper cervical chiropractors have been utilizing this technology for the benefit of their patients. Some of the benefits of CBCT include: less radiation, better image quality and a more accurate diagnosis. Dr. Tadd is one of few chiropractors in Arizona trained to analyze the upper cervical spine via CBCT. When necessary, we refer our patients out to an imaging center for CBCT scans.



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Modern Chiropractic Company is a family-centered, technology-driven, neurologically-based chiropractic clinic in Chandler, Arizona. We are also proud to serve surrounding communities including Ahwatukee, Tempe, Phoenix, Gilbert, and Mesa.